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who we are

PLAYnWORKS Inc. has over 20 years of experience in development, planning, production, distribution, and sales. With the experience and expertise accumulated from this long term, PLAYnWORKS bringsa new challenge to the area of design management, and strives to offer more creative and innovative design services and contents development.

PLAYnWORKS helps clients minimize the expense and time required for design processes by providing stable, precise information and services, especially catering to clients with needs for professional and differentiated design processes and systematic management.

what we do

PLAYnWORKS provides professional services and partners with clients to find solutions for product design, design service agency, design development and planning, production management, and B2B product planning and production.

Product Graphic Design

Design development and consulting services that fit targeted customers and satisfies clients’ needs

CI_BI_Editorial Design

Design services ranging from logo design for product, corporate identity and branding planning, catalog editorial design, and brochures for promoting products

Product_Package Design

Systematic production services ranging from product design to package design

B2B Product Planning & Production

Product planning for corporate publicity and OEM/ODM production services based on diverse production experience

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