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PLAYnWORKS is changing the status quo of the sport management industry, starting with a Korean golf rookie, “PGA TOUR Golfer KIM SIWOO”.  Through its management system that is solely committed to its players and their benefit , PLAYnWORKS provides the best support that enables players to fully concentrate on their games.

OUR values


PlaynWorks is dedicated to maintaining a trustworthy administration by making all information available to its players in a honest and transparent way.


PlaynWorks brings a new challenge to the sport management industry by focusing solely on the benefit of the players, starting with a Korean golf rookie, “PGA TOUR Golfer Siwoo.Kim, Sungjae.Im”.


PlaynWorks provides professional management services to its players and ensures that they are taken care of so they can fully focus and perform their best at games.

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